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December 4, 2016
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December 28, 2016
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The Michigan Recount – What is it?

The presidential election recount has evolved into a proxy war between the 62,513,126 people that voted for Hillary Clinton vs. the 61,201,031 people that voted for Donald Trump. The current battle in that proxy war is taking place in our backyard, the great state of Michigan. Other battles in the war are in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and some recent rumors of recounts in Florida.

The Michigan Recount – The Objective?

Watch the video below to learn more about the motives of Jill Stein;

Video originally published in WSJ

There are countless clips available of Jill Stein defending the recount campaign. One the buzz phrases she (and many other politicians) frequently employ is “Democracy is Priceless”. While many of us will agree with that at an ideological level, a great deal of people also feel on a practical level that while indeed Democracy is Priceless the costs of a recount are a factor when considering challenging the system.

The Michigan Recount – Current News (12.8.2016)

Despite numerous legal volleys between the Jill Stein legal team, the state of Michigan and federal courts, a final decision was made to stop the recount.

The Michigan Recount – Results

The results of this recount are likely to be completely opposite of what the Jill Stein camp had hoped for and intended. While the public will continue to soak up news in the mainsteam media, there are countless stories from the soldiers of democracy that are involved in the recount. Please read the story below from Ken Crider, an observer (challenger) for the recount;

NOTE: This is the story of only one precinct while as many as 500 precincts have come under scrutiny.

The Michigan Recount – Legacy

Fast forward 15-20 years, how will the Michigan recount story be remembered? 16 years ago the infamous Gore/Bush challenge in the state of Florida is still a vivid memory for many people, the legacy of that story is “The Hanging Chad“.

I sincerely hope that the legacy and story for the Michigan recount is much more than the insignificance of Jill Stein and the cost of the recount. There is SO MUCH more to this story and I hope government, citizens and media focus on the lessons learned and not just the storyline.

The Michigan Recount – Disenfranchised Voters

Time for a Little Spin (YEAH) – For 50 years, the democrats, progressives and liberals have sold a bill of goods to “disenfranchised voters“. The waste of time and resources challenging voter registration and identification while purposely ignoring other issues. While I personally understand and respect any and all arguments about disenfranchised voters, it does not mean I have to agree.

The story above from Mr. Ken Crider has hit a nerve with me. While many conservatives want to focus on potential fraud and criminal behavior at the precinct level (and above), my heart goes out to the 50 people who did vote and cast a ballot, they lost their voice, freedom and liberty.

It is likely that those 50 people, or a large portion of them, would have voted democratically and against my personal beliefs BUT I would still go to battle for those 50 people to preserve their right to liberty and freedom. I am mad as *&^% (if you can’t tell) that 50 of my neighbors have been deprived of their constitutional and god given rights to participate in free elections.

The Michigan Recount – Your Thoughts & Feelings?

How do you feel about what happened in Michigan? We (Bill and Mike) would love to hear what you have to say. Leave a comment below or click the link to the Facebook post and GET INVOLVED IN THE CONVERSATION – leave us a comment, ask us a question, your voice matters!

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