Bill Hartmann

Bill is a business owner, political activist and the Michigan 12th District Vice-Chair. With a a wealth of knowledge in politics, Bill has provided support and assistance to countless local, state and federal candidates within the republican party.

If you have a question about the republican party, current issues, media, video, audio, electronics or advertising, you will not find a person with more diverse knowledge.

Michael Lucy

Michael Lucy is the owner and operate of 3V Business Solutions, LLC and active in local and state politics. Michael and 3V have provided digital, web, social and search marketing services for 5 years. In his previous career, he was a software developer for many Fortune 500's; IBM, DuPont, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Henkel, etc.

Strategic business, marketing and media planning is where Michael's true strengths lie. He is always willing to listen to your challenges and lend advice.

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