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December 28, 2016
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Facebook Live, Green Screen, Lighting and Accessories for Less Than $50

A Little Bit of Background – The Evolution of Facebook Live Video

Who would have thought just over 1 year ago, back in January 2016, that live streaming technology would evolve to a point that would empower even the most technically challenged to produce a quality HD video or live stream production? How about some proof, check out this picture of all the current live streams (January 2017), these are people just like you and I!

  • Guerrero Z Theater: > 3,000 active viewers
  • My Mermaid Treasures, LLC: 1,200 active viewers

Facebook Live Streams

Consider pre-2016 for a minute, many media executives and thought leaders were predicting, “2016 is the Year of Video”. From a 100,000 foot flyover, I understood what they were talking about but the minute you started to zoom in the story became a little less clear.

Many were predicting an evolution, what we experienced was a full blown revolution. Leading up to the end of 2015, we had Periscope, Meerkat and Blab (I call these platforms the pioneers of live streaming), live streaming platforms without a clearly defined direction. Not that these weren’t viable platforms, the technology was relatively new, unstable and the above mentioned pioneers did not necessarily have a grasp on what the consumer actually demanded from Live Streaming.

Desktop Live Stream Publishing – LET THE FUN BEGIN!

Can we share a little secret with you? Prior to the fall of 2016, Mike and Bill had ZERO experience with publishing live streams from a “set”, whether a real set or a virtual (green screen) set. Bill had experience with stages, lighting and audio but limited knowledge and experience with green screens and virtual sets. We first needed to get grounded on the basics of on the basics of desktop publishing, and we recommend the same for you.

Once we learned, and you learn, the technology, hardware, equipment, software and skills required you are ready to take the quantum leap to studio production. In October 2016, we started to experiment with the green screen, lighting and virtual sets (or backgrounds). Truth be told, it was a little intimidating at first but once you get beyond the shell-shock it’s not all that bad.

The only thing to be aware of is what we like to call, “overproduction”. By overproduction we mean getting too involved in the weeds of video or live streaming production and lose focus on the message, content and delivery, it is very easy to do!

Building Your Studio

Ready, Set, Go – Now the fun part, purchasing and assembling your studio. Please do watch the video below as Mike and Bill take you shopping at Joanne Fabrics and Home Depot to purchase green screen cloth, lighting and accessories for less than $50.

NOTE: You can find cheaper alternatives to these (i.e. bleach an old sheet, hand work lights from the ceiling, etc.), BUT we have found this configuration to be cost effective and lend itself to better quality with the production.

Demonstration on Facebook Video

Go  Shopping with Mike & Bill on YouTube

The Takeaway: Custom Facebook Video Thumbnails

There you have it, you can start publishing some very good quality live streams and shooting on-demand video with these simple items. Check back for an update on this topic, we will be publishing instructions how to setup the green screen and lighting for optimal video production. You will soon be shooting quality videos and live streams that will have your friends, family, co-workers and customers asking how you were able to shoot from a movie studio!

If you found this article helpful, please give us a thumbs up, a Like on Facebook, Subscribe on YouTube or leave a comment below. If you need any help with your videos, thumbnail or otherwise, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mike and Bill by clicking here.

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We respect your privacy, we will never share or otherwise compromise your privacy.