How to add custom Facebook Video Thumbnail
How to Add a Custom Thumbnail to a Facebook Video
January 17, 2017
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January 30, 2017
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Some Facts About Facebook (Live) Videos

How familiar are you with the data, metrics and reports that Facebook provides for page owners? There are countless reports, each report adding value ONLY if you understand what you are looking at and how to interpret the data. One such report for Facebook Videos is the “Video Views” report. Within this report is a VERY IMPORTANT metric, the # of viewers that watch a video with SOUND ON vs. SOUND OFF.


The examples above display a range from 11% to 59% of video viewers with sound on and sound off. On the low end 11% of people that viewed a video did so with sound on and on the high end 59% viewed with the sound on. These are typical numbers for Facebook Videos, one important note; The better the quality of the video content and the better the initial 3-5 seconds of a video intro (the hook), the more likely a consumer (viewer) is to turn the volume on.

How to Solve the ‘Sound Off’ Problem – Captions!

The challenge that publishers face is that we cannot force a consumer (viewer) to turn the volume on, you can only do your best to entice the viewer with a creative 3-5 second introduction to persuade them to turn on the volume. If a consumer does not opt to turn on the volume yet still choose to watch the video, you can easily add captions to the video. This is a great way to deliver your message even with the sound off!

The videos below demonstrate how to add captions, take your pick and watch the demonstration on YouTube or Facebook!

Demonstration on Facebook Video (Coming Soon)

Demonstration on YouTube

The Takeaway: Custom Facebook Video Captions

In terms of the value-to-time ratio for simple things you can do to improve the quality and experience of your videos on Facebook, captions are something you absolutely NEED as part of your strategy and plan. Be aware of the time commitment required to edit and publish captions, the longer the video the more time you will need to perfect your captions BUT in the long run you will certainly see an increase in reach, viewership and engagement.

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We respect your privacy, we will never share or otherwise compromise your privacy.