Facebook Live, Green Screen, Lighting and Accessories for Less Than $50
Facebook Live: Green Screen, Lighting and Accessories for Less than $50
January 10, 2017
How to add custom Facebook Video Thumbnail
How to Add a Custom Thumbnail to a Facebook Video
January 17, 2017
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The Value of Facebook Video vs. YouTube & Other

There is no disputing the brand building power of YouTube, however, there is a new kid on the video block; FACEBOOK! Facebook has made a wholesale commitment to video in the past 12-24 months and more specifically Live Video (Facebook Live). The main advantage of Facebook videos and Facebook Live is that there is a larger and more captive audience while the main disadvantage is the amount of competition, or “noise”, for video viewership.

The importance of Facebook Videos and Facebook Live Videos cannot be underestimated. Mark Zuckerberg is on record saying that 90% of Facebook news feed content will be video by the year 2018. That is ONLY one brief year away, by current estimation Facebook news feeds are already 50-60% video.

Re-purposing Facebook Video Content

Just like YouTube, users can embed and re-purpose Facebook video and live video content on their website. Embedding Facebook videos is a great way to keep website visitors engaged, especially website visitors that may not be active Facebook users OR have a Facebook account at all (yes, there are still people without a Facebook account). You can embed Facebook videos individually or collectively as part of a collage to tell a story.

Embedding Facebook Videos – Sometimes the Obvious is not so Obvious

We have come to learn that as simple as it is to embed a video, many do not know of this option or do not know how to actually perform the embedding. Let us kill two birds with one stone, below is an embedded Facebook video with instructions how to embed a Facebook video!

… OR … Watch on YouTube

The Takeaway: Facebook Videos on Your Website

Do not be intimated by fancy words like “embedding”, it’s a relatively simple and straightforward task to place a Facebook video on your website or a website that you manage. If you have any comments or comments, please leave them below and you are always welcome to contact Mike & Bill directly by clicking here!

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We respect your privacy, we will never share or otherwise compromise your privacy.